Affiliate Program

Get 5% on Each Sale with JOSENS Affiliate Program

What is it all about?
JOSENS rewards its regular customers. Everyone buys at the same price and all rebates come from JOSENS. By joining the Affiliate Program you get a rebate of 5% as your reward. Help your friends or families to get the same benefit with our generous Affiliate Program.

What do I get out of it?
You are entitled to 5% of the purchases of your friends, family members and others you have helped get their own discounts. Once your rebate has accumulated to USD100, we will remit this amount to your PayPal account.

How to I qualify for this?
You need to have a PayPal account.

How do I register?

Step 1: Create an account by clicking here (if you haven't already done so). Wait for an email for confirmation. Read the email carefully.

Step 2: Log in

Step 3: Click on the menu "Affiliate Account" (this menu is only displayed if you're logged in). In this area, you'll be able to see your affiliate ID, enter your PayPal e-mail address, see the orders corresponding to your affiliate ID, and the rebate due to you and other info. This is your central place to see what's going on...

Step 4: Use the Affiliate ID Link (found inside Affiliate Account) to help others get their discount. Pass it to those who you think will be helped by JOSENS products or to those who want to sign up for Affiliate Program.

How can I make use of the Affiliate ID Link?
First - the Affiliate program will detect each click generated by your Affiliate ID Link and store a cookie in the visitor's computer. If the visitor makes a purchase within 30 days of the first click on your Affiliate ID Link, you'll get 5% of the sales revenue!

Second - If you are signing up your family, say your husband, when he buys JOSENS products, he gets a 5% rebate and your account is also credited with 5%. So your family has just got a total of 10% discount on JOSENS products. Remember that these discounts are from JOSENS and everyone benefits as JOSENS is happy to reward loyal customers.

We keep track of the most recent clicks and you can see them on your own affiliate area.

How will you get paid?
We only pay our affiliates via PayPal.

Point to note - Termination
JOSENS reserves the right to terminate this agreement and your participation in its affiliate program immediately on its discretion alone, with or without notifying you should it suspect that you have committed fraud in your use of its affiliate program or have abused its program in any way. If such fraud or abuse is detected, JOSENS shall not be liable to you for any claims made by you for such cases.