Spirulina Protein Powders

Cleanest Nutrient rich spirulina with protein powders.

Who should take Spirulina Protein Powders?

All those who:

Care about themselves and want to live a long and healthy life;
Want to build muscles and strength;
Are vegetarians or vegans as these spirulina protein powders are an excellent source of all the essential amino acids, minerals and many other good essentials available in the mix;
Want to cut down on their cholesterol with spirulina protein powders. By taking spirulina protein powders, they can get all the goodness of meat and fish plus a whole lot of additional benefits without the negatives of meat and fish – the cholesterol, pathogens, heavy metals and much more;
Want to lose weight. If your body has all the 45 or so essential nutrients - the 9 essential amino acids, the 15 minerals, the vitamins and the other essential nutrients, you will not feel so hungry and you will automatically eat less. Since spirulina is such a complete food, it supplies most of the 45 essentials needed thus enhancing the value of protein powders;
Need to improve their mineral balance as the high, balanced and readily absorbed organic form of the minerals in spirulina are the best source;
Need to cleanse their system of heavy metals as the chelating properties of spirulina do this;
Want to maintain the correct pH balance in their bodies as the highly alkalising property of spirulina is excellent for that; and
For many other reasons are interested in being healthy.

Call to action – A healthy life for all at an affordable cost.

How can you help with this noble cause?

You can help by the following ways:

Start improving the health of your family and yourself by taking Super Food Spirulina Protein Powders
Talk to your friends, neighbours, colleagues and associates to help them
Go to the website www.josensforyourhealth.com regularly and participate in the blog and facebook discussions. Tell your facebook friends about the health benefits.
Help with suggestions for improvements.
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Algal Health Pty. Ltd. – Founder

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