The fundamentals of healthy living

The fundamentals of healthy living are:

  1. An active mind – in essence never retire your mind, keep it very active;
  2. Food – most important in food is to ensure you have all the 45 essentials at a healthy level in your body at all times;
  3. Exercise – at the minimum one needs to get the heart pumping a few times a week and do some flexibility and strength exercises;
  4. Socialisation - it is important to keep meeting and interacting with people, in particular, new contacts;
  5. Attitude – a positive attitude with a purpose is important. What is your purpose of living, how are you helping the world and other people?

There are many healthy foods but the ABC of healthy food is to keep a good level of all the essential ingredients in your system. These are:

  1. 9 essential amino acids which make up proteins. Not all proteins have all the 9 essential amino acids, so just eating proteins itself does not ensure you have all the essentials.
  2. 17 minerals. If the minerals are from organic sources there is no problem but inorganic minerals could be problematic. “Organic” here means the mineral is part of an organic compound not as most people know the word from the term “organically grown”. The “organically grown” term is normally misused, misapplied, misunderstood and abused.
  3. 13 vitamins. These are by far best obtained from food, not tablets.
  4. 4 essential oils

How my family and I get our 45 essentials everyday
Every morning we cut up 2 to 3 different fruits, put this into a blender, add a tea spoon of spirulina per person and one scoop of spirulina/whey per person, blend and have about 500 ml each of the smoothie.

For the rest of the day we are free to have any other healthy food we choose, secure in the knowledge that we have all the essentials needed.

Our own experience ( I am 76 young) is that we all almost never fall sick now, very different from before we started this routine.

Tell us your experience, so all can benefit.

Jag Kaurah
June 2016