How clean is your spirulina?
As far as is known, all commercially grown spirulina is grown in open raceway ponds with some ponds having a clear “roof” to prevent dilution by rain water except JOSENS. JOSENS is grown in totally closed systems using drinking quality water – not in a pond!

Open raceway ponds are open to contamination from birds, rats, mice, worms, insects and a host of other life that live in and near water ways. In addition to that, there is pond muck from the dirt in the pond. There is also the problem of heavy metals and other toxins in pond water.

JOSENS spirulina, grown in totally enclosed systems in drinking quality water, has none of the problems and contamination of pond grown spirulina and can be claimed to be “The Only Clean Spirulina”

Yes, Spirulina has many health benefits but you certainly do not want pond muck. Just make sure that the pond problems do not come with any spirulina you buy for your loved ones and for yourself.

Spirulina is Food – very healthy food
In almost all countries, including the USA and Australia, Spirulina is classed as food. You can combine it with other food and drinks as you wish.

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