Who We Are

In early 2006, Jag Kaurah - Aussie from Melbourne, the founder of Algae International Berhad, Josens Projects Sdn Bhd and Josens Health Pty Ltd, thought up the idea of the Floating Bed Method (FBM) and filed his first patent for the FBM in Feb 2007. This was published by WIPO in September 2008. This was such a sensation in the Microalgae world that the system was copied by many in several Countries including by the American space agency NASA that started trying a similar system in June 2009 – (Click here for reference)

Microalgae grown by the Jag system are very clean and not subject to the contamination experienced in open raceway ponds generally used. In addition, the control of conditions in closed systems ensures good consistent quality of product.

Commercial production of the first microalgae is very clean spirulina and several products based it are now available.

The closed system allows for most of the thousands of species to be produced. Look out for very interesting new products becoming available as other species are grown.

We work hard to have the highest quality for all our products and to keep the quality affordable by having low overheads. We guarantee that the products you purchase from us will be healthy, fresh and have the right nutrient content.